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GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
vehicle theft and retrieval devices. Police can follow the signal emitted by
the tracking system to locate a stolen vehicle. In addition parents can
determine if their sons or daughters are driving in a responsible manner. In
addition there is also a new line of
GPS tracking devices that are used to
keep track of a childs where abouts even if they are out of the vehicle.

GPS fleet tracking systems are now using a type of automatic vehicle
location (AVL) to allow for easy location of the vehicle. The
GPS satellite
was built and is maintained by government and is available at no
cost to civilians. This makes this technology very inexpensive. Other older
AVL systems do not require the antenna to be in direct line of sight with
the sky. Older ground based systems such as LORAN and LoJack
tracking units use radio frequency (RF) transmitters which will transmit
through walls, garages, or buildings. Police vehicles around the world
have a form of AVL tracking as standard equipment in their units.

GPS fleet tracking systems charge the user a monthly fee for a
package that includes the GPS tracking devices, GPS tracking software,
mapping as part of the tracking service. Passive
GPS auto tracker units are
paid for upon installation and will continue to work for the life of the
vehicle. Active
GPS auto tracker systems as well as the ground based cell
phone and Loran systems provide real time data. A commercial fleet
manager may want 5 minute updates, telling whether a vehicle is on route
or off, engine status, brake status, container status as well as vehicle
speed and direction.

Newer smaller and more efficient
GPS  vehicle tracking device are
becoming available to the consumer market. Many of these devices are
now being used as GPS personal tracking devices. The bottom line is that
it will be just a matter of time before every vehicle on the road will have the
hardware necessary for
GPS Auto Tracker Systems.

We provide a complete line of GPS auto tracker units. These are extremely
reliable and accurate
. In fact to date we have never had a unit fail to
perform as it was designed. Check out some of our small units that can be
placed in just about any vehicle on the market today. These units are
currently being used by several US government agencies including every
branck of the military along with local and state agencies.

Make sure that you
follow all local, state and federal laws when using
these devices. Failure to do so may result in prosecution and
imprisonment. If you have any questions contact your local law
enforcement agency and States Attorney for guidance.
GPS Real Time Mini Flextrack
A GPS vehicle tracking system is composed of electronic  device installed
within or on a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the
vehicle's location, speed, direction and disposition. GPS auto tracker systems
use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules located within the electronic
device for accurate location of the vehicle. Many GPS fleet tracking systems
also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite
transmitters to communicate the vehicles location. speed and direction to a
remote user in real time. The
GPS auto tracker information is then  viewed on
electronic maps via the Internet from your cell phone or directly on your
The shipping industry is the
largest user of
GPS vehicle
tracking tracking
systems. Many
large shipping companies with
large fleets of vehicles needed a
system to determine the location
of where each vehicle was at any
given time. These GPS fleet
tracking systems save money
and increase productivity.
auto tracker
systems are
becoming more common and
can  be found in consumers
vehicles as driver surveilance
and performance units as well as
Garmi GPSn
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